Tuesday, March 26, 2013

My Latest Thrifted Finds

I have been super swamped with the whole moving and packing we have been doing lately that I have not many oportunities to go thrifting lately like i typically do. But i did want to share with you guys my latest finds. If you have been following me on Instagram, you have seen some of the goodies i have snagged up.
I was so lucky to snag up these two beauties at my local Goodwill. I love Pyrex and this piece not only came with the top ( a very rare find indeed) but there were no chips/dings on it. Perfect condition and perfect price! I have also been keeping my eye on this set of owl candles at Target. It was pure luck of the irish that i found them at Goodwill - for an even better price!
One of the colleges where I live is University of Richmond. I often considered going there for law school but deemed that career path not for me. But, my love for their school still knows no bounds- even though I was never a student there. So, finding this beauty at Goodwill for $3 was a steal to me. Most of these shirts you buy online or at the campus can cost $20-$30 clams. Saving money makes this gal happy.
One of the places I rarely venture to is the Salvation Army. There was one quite close to me awhile back but after moving to this side of town, I have never traveled to this semi-new location. In the past, the Salvation Army  location that was near me was so picked through, i could not even find my size in anything. So, I stopped going....after many, many attempts! So, when this semi-new store opened near me, I had to check it out...and I walked away with a few pieces that I love. What luck was it to find an Express Blazer, Banana Republic Striped T, NY&Co. Blouse, American Eagle Sweater, and Mossimo blouse for all under $20. Man, what a lucky day. Sadly, the Salvation Army store closed within an hour of me arriving so I did not get to look around as much as I normally would have.

Take my advice, you can always find great pieces thrift shopping. And, for a fraction of what you would normally pay at the mall. Some of the pieces that my friends love (and I get complimented on the most) were pieces I paid the least for. Happy Hunting fellow thrifters!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Moving Inspiration

With moving around the corner, I have been searching for new ideas to keep my home space as fresh and fun as possible. The only possible bonus to moving is being able to decorate a new place a bit different than what you had before. With us moving to a bigger space, it is going to allow me to expand and try some new things. Here are some things I am currently loving.
Coffee Station

Amazing Living Room
Mini Bar

Rolling Side Table

Kitchen Organization

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Rainy Day Makeup

My makeup routine is fairly simple- yet when the weather hits, most of the time I just want to grab a blanket and stay snuggled up in bed. However, there are times where I have to leave the house in a somewhat presentable manner.  For rainy days, I like to keep my makeup simple and subtle. This is what I use.

I always start with the base of my skin and work my way out.....starting with my lotion.
  • I love this Yes to Tomatoes repairing acne lotion. It is a great base for my T-zone and helps prevent blemishes.
  • After this dries, I add my cult classic Oil of Olay (with SPF 15- not pictured) on top. I have been using this lotion on my face since my teen years and it has proven to be a staple in my skincare routine.
  • Next, is the CoverGirl/Oil of Olay Tone Rehab 2-in-1 Foundation. This is my miracle worker. It spreads easily (i use my fingers) and covers blemishes, skincolor variations and smooths problematic skin areas. It really is a great miracle worker- especially in a pinch!
  • If I am not using my CoverGirl/Olay foundation, then I use my Bare Minerals powders. The price is no laughing matter but I have never found a better base of makeup in my life. It is worth EVERY SINGLE penny. This stuff was a miracle worker on my face during outbreaks in college. I will never use any other powder for my skin. I never break out when I use this product alone.
  • For my cheeks, I use ULTA's Cheek Color. It is a budget fix that works just as well as name brand products with just as much pigment.
  • For a bit of eye pop, I line my eyes with NYC Kohl Liner. These budget-friendly eyeliners pack a punch for very little money.
  • Finishing the routine, I use CoverGirl's Professional Super Thick Lash Mascara. I could use a waterproof mascara but this formula makes my lashes look fantastic. If you want a good waterproof mascara, stick with the classic Maybelline.
And there you have it! Budget beauty buys that work in windy/rainy weather days. Remember, beauty does not have to break the bank!