Thursday, December 3, 2015

We've MOVED!!

The Thrifted Owl has moved to a fancy-schmancy new blogspot.
If you would love to continue following our crafts, outdoor activities and reviews, please go to our new webpage! See you all on the flip side!!

Monday, April 7, 2014

Instagram: Keeping Up with The Thrifted Owl

Since this time of year is so busy for me, I encourage you guys to follow me on Instagram (@baconneggs) if you have an account. I always post my latest thrifted finds- and other personal day-to-day in's and out's of my life. I have come across some really great pieces for my new condo and I cannot wait to share some of my upcoming projects with you all. So, stay tuned for more upcoming goods as they come! You are not going to want to miss these budget-friendly tips, tricks and ideas that you can easily do on your own.

Happy Hunting!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

New Jewlery for Sale

Okay Guys and Gals, I have some stellar news for everyone. I am starting the process of getting all my jewelry ready to go for sale. So, if you are interested in purchasing some items, stay tuned for the deets.

Just to give you a brief history, I have been a big hands-on person since I was a child. I was the kid that wanted the crafting kits, and I was so fortunate to have various family members purchase me DIY kits for all kinds of projects. As I grew older, and my tastes changed, I started getting more into jewelry. My mantra has always been, why pay so much for a beautiful piece at the store when I can easily make it myself. As a teenager, a budget is essential to ensure you can do what you want and get things you like as well. Thus, the budget fashionista inside me was created. Since then, I have been making jewerly and other pieces for my friends until one finally suggested that I take my hobby and talents and sell them. And, after much trial and tribulation, I am finally able to start bringing my passions to life to share with everyone. I hope you enjoy my pieces and I look forward to making more items for everyone.

The Thrifted Owl

Friday, September 27, 2013

Liberty Trail Instagram Contest Winners - Discover Richmond

Hey All!
I have been super busy with some amazing upcoming projects I cannot wait to show you. However, I have also been busy trailing around town taking photos of this beautiful city and accidentally took 3rd place in an Instagram contest.

Check it out!! (and for more photos, check out Instagram @baconneggs)

Liberty Trail Instagram Contest Winners - Discover Richmond

Friday, May 3, 2013

Supporting Your Local Community

One big thing I take into consideration when I am going to purchase something (regardless if I am looking for a great price or just wanting to find the best quality for my buck), I consider shopping local. Big box stores and chains (like Best Buy, TGI Friday's, etc.) lose what local owner have - they are right where we are. When I shop local, I give back to my city. The money I give a local merchant stays here -and I have found they provide the best services. Some of my favorite places to eat are locally owned right here in my own city.

One of my favorite venues in my city is coming up the weekend - called Arts in the Park. It is where local people bring their crafts, art, and homemade goods to one of the local parks, Byrd Park. It is free to attend and parking is also free. The people there are locals that live in my city and surrounding counties and they bring their items to the park for purchase. Some of my favorite pieces of jewelry and art work are from this event. It happens every year- during the Spring- and is one of the busiest times of year for my city. I am excited to share that one of my dear friends Lisa, known at The Pumkin Lady, will be there selling her items from her Spinbob Studios collections. I cannot wait to see her and support all these great artists!

If you are in the Richmond, VA area and are looking for great, local merchants to support, please check out this link for more! And, if you so happen to be in Richmond, VA this weekend, check out Arts in the Park!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

My Latest Thrifted Finds

I have been super swamped with the whole moving and packing we have been doing lately that I have not many oportunities to go thrifting lately like i typically do. But i did want to share with you guys my latest finds. If you have been following me on Instagram, you have seen some of the goodies i have snagged up.
I was so lucky to snag up these two beauties at my local Goodwill. I love Pyrex and this piece not only came with the top ( a very rare find indeed) but there were no chips/dings on it. Perfect condition and perfect price! I have also been keeping my eye on this set of owl candles at Target. It was pure luck of the irish that i found them at Goodwill - for an even better price!
One of the colleges where I live is University of Richmond. I often considered going there for law school but deemed that career path not for me. But, my love for their school still knows no bounds- even though I was never a student there. So, finding this beauty at Goodwill for $3 was a steal to me. Most of these shirts you buy online or at the campus can cost $20-$30 clams. Saving money makes this gal happy.
One of the places I rarely venture to is the Salvation Army. There was one quite close to me awhile back but after moving to this side of town, I have never traveled to this semi-new location. In the past, the Salvation Army  location that was near me was so picked through, i could not even find my size in anything. So, I stopped going....after many, many attempts! So, when this semi-new store opened near me, I had to check it out...and I walked away with a few pieces that I love. What luck was it to find an Express Blazer, Banana Republic Striped T, NY&Co. Blouse, American Eagle Sweater, and Mossimo blouse for all under $20. Man, what a lucky day. Sadly, the Salvation Army store closed within an hour of me arriving so I did not get to look around as much as I normally would have.

Take my advice, you can always find great pieces thrift shopping. And, for a fraction of what you would normally pay at the mall. Some of the pieces that my friends love (and I get complimented on the most) were pieces I paid the least for. Happy Hunting fellow thrifters!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Moving Inspiration

With moving around the corner, I have been searching for new ideas to keep my home space as fresh and fun as possible. The only possible bonus to moving is being able to decorate a new place a bit different than what you had before. With us moving to a bigger space, it is going to allow me to expand and try some new things. Here are some things I am currently loving.
Coffee Station

Amazing Living Room
Mini Bar

Rolling Side Table

Kitchen Organization