Tuesday, October 30, 2012

30 Days of Gratitude

I was so fortunate to come across Positively Present's 30 Days of Gratitude Challenge on Pinterest. I thought it was such a great idea. So I figured I would do it myself. For the entire Month of November- which fortuantely includes my birthday- I will be participating in the 30 Day Photo Challege: Gratitude!
Each day in November, from Nov 1-Nov 30th, I will be posting the photos for this challenge on Instagram. If you want to see the photos, and have Instagram (@baconneggs) please find me.

The rules for this challenge is simple. Take at least one photo per day for 30 days straight pertaining to each gratitude challege. If you skip, hey that's okay. We all get busy so please do not let the word challege deter you from starting. It is suppose to be fun- not demanding, so do it on your time. About your photos.You do not have to be a professional photographer- after all, these are your memories so take them as you want. And, these photos can be taken with any camera- not anything fancy and you do not have to use Instagram- I choose that venue as the easiest for me. Next is time. You can really start this challege at any time - I choose November personally, but you can choose to start at any time- that part is up to you.

If you would like to participate as well, please do so! And, tell me! I would love to see others doing this as well. What better time to start on this challenge than the holidays!

Enjoy and Have Fun!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Letterboxing Party

I told you guys in my post last week that we were going to place our first letterbox locally. Unfortunately, due to the weather- mostly Hurricane Sandy- it really prevented us from going and venturing out so far. So, instead, we decided to hit up Michael's for goodies to the other letterboxes we plan on placing around RVA. We will plant our first letterbox this weekend, if the weather cooperates!
Our goodies!
As you can see we picked up a lot of goodies (including some items for later boxes). Luckily, we did not have to spend a great deal of money. Anyone that letterboxes can tell you the supplies are rather inexpensive and the hobby is rather easy to pick up. Seriously, we spent $10 total to get the stamps, inkpad, notebooks and containers. Most items were either on clearance or $1, so we did not splurge on anything fancy. Some letterboxers truly get into stamp making and carve their own stamps out of erasers or any other type of material in order to get their perfect stamp. But, you do not have to unless you want to put that extra bit of love into your own box/stamp set.
"Fall Celebration" theme
We decided to make two boxes in addition to our other box -to create three different type of levels of letterboxers. This will be our expert level box- it will be the most difficult of the three to complete the clues and find. I am so excited to place this one. Each of the three items deals with fall - not just one of my favorite seasons of the year but also the time of year I was born, so I truly look foward to placing this one. *Hint: this will be placed at a local park*
"Cookie Monster" theme
This one, however, makes me laugh and I really did love finding items for this letterbox. This will be our super easy find and super easy for kids to enjoy finding as well. This will be a fun scavenger hunt-type of box. One of the reasons we picked out cookie monster is the fact we have both been called that nickname by our co-workers so it adds a bit about us into the letterbox- which we love.

I look forward to having these letterboxes found. If you have stumbled across my blog as a result of finding one of the letterboxes, please comment and let me know!

Friday, October 26, 2012

My Week in Photos

Starting fall off right with a trip to Carter Mountain Orchard was one of the best ideas! We brought home a few pounds of apples and have created so many wonderful dishes.
While in Michigan this summer, we grabbed a few various local bottles of wine to enjoy for when we returned home. It was a perfect time to open one for a treat!

Michael's had a great selection of items we needed for letterboxing - as well as a set of christmas cards. Is it really that time of year again?
One Saturday was not complete without trying on my new purple skinnies from Target. So excited they they looked so well with my Buckle sweater and Target brown boots. Perfect fall outfit.
One of my favorite bloggers, La Petite Fashionista, had this wonderful life mantra posted- and I could not help but share it too. I always need to keep this list in mind!

Snagging up some great Target finds for fall always puts me in the fashionista spirit! Don't you just love trying out new styles on the cheap?

Came across this super cute long-bob with layers hairstyle on Pinterest. I think I may get this hair style next? Birthday hairstyle? Possibly!!

If you want to see more of what is going on with me, follow me on Instagram! @baconneggs

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Creating our First Letterbox

Since we have been letterboxing a little over a year now, we decided it would be best to finally create one of our own and plant the box in our area. The great thing about letterboxing is that you can create your box and make it your own - even without spending a lot of money.
Via my Instagram
For our letterbox, we chose a cheap tupperware container from the dollar store that would not only seal well but was small enough to be hidden easily- we are going to place it in a large sealable ziploc bag just incase when we go to plant it. The stickers on our letterbox are from a scrapbooking set - since we had that, it was FREE. For our stamp, ink and notepad, we choose items from Michael's (each for $1). Total box cost = $4.

I am excited that this weekend we are going to hide our letterbox. If you are in the area, you can find it by going to Atlas Quest - and searching for us (our username: FrogLegsAndBaconStrips). Once we have planted our box, we will post it on the site. If you are new to letterboxing and want to find out more information on letterboxing and to see if any boxes are planted in your area, visit LbNA for more.

**Side note: This is a great hobby that the whole family can enjoy. I know quite a few families that participate in this on their weekends and vacations.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Welcome of Fall

Via Cleverly Yours
Fall is truly a wonderful season of change. The change of leaves, the changes of foods at the grocery store, and of course, the weather- which means starting to switch out your summer staples for those fall knits. I am really loving the colored skinny jean trend. If you follow me on Instagram, you have seen me pick up a few in the past month. I am loving these cute skinny pumpkin jeans with tan wedges and a simple striped shirt. What a great relaxed fall outfit? Great for a day of shopping or grabbing a pumpkin spiced latte with pals.
Via Classy in the City
Who doesn't love a cozy scarf? In the fall/winter months, I cannot get enough of them. They are a great statement piece but also does double-duty to replace a necklace or to keep your neck warm. And, I absolutely love the new infinity chunky cable knit scarves so much so that I am on the hunt for the perfect one myself for this chilly upcoming season.
Via RamzRevell
Another big staple item this fall seems to be the blazer. It was a great trendy piece for those spring and summer outfits and now its transitioned full-swing into fall. Most bloggers or fashion-conscience ladies have donned this closet staple with sweater, sheer blouses and even flannel. Since they are flattering on most individuals, its has also doubled as a light jacket- even being paired with our favorite scarves.
Via Happily Grey
If those great pieces didn't inspire you for fall, then maybe these will. Boots! Glorious footwear staples for fall. Not only do they come in an array of style and colors, but they pair well with pretty much every fall/winter outfit you want. I look most forward to fall because I can pull out my favorite pair of boots for a easy but sophisticated addition to my sweater/jean combos.

So next time you are out looking for a few staple pieces, take my advice and grab these easy peasy pieces for a simple, cheap and chic addition to your wardrobe.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Love and Loss

Sir Bruce taken 7/1/12
It is always hard losing a member of the family - furry or not. Yesterday we found our sweet guinea pig, Sir Bruce, had passed away during the night. Mr. Bruce was found at a local petstore near our home last November. He was very young when he contracted a severe ear infection. He was healed at the time, however, he had a permenant head tilt as a result of it. When we found him, our hearts just fell in love with him. He was quite energetic and even though he was not a "normal looking" pig, he was all we wanted. We adopted him a couple of days before my birthday.

We were lucky to be able to travel with him and the rest of the pigs during many trips we have taken to Michigan and through it all, Mr. Bruce was always full of energy and excitement. He enjoyed many trips outside to eat on fresh grass, he ran through my mini garden on our porch and snuggled every night when the boyfriend wanted to play videogames or watch movies.

Mr Bruce always showed so much life, however his health was never where it should have been. He had a severe skin condition, called Mange, that we discovered shorty after bring him him from the pet store. Not only was his skin condition quite bad, but he would pull his hair out or create sores on his back. Regardless of it all, he was still happiest when eating his favorite foods (of the garden variety) like celery, carrots, lettuce, potatoes, timothy hay, apples or anything green and leafy.
Mom, can I have snacks too please!
The last couple of months, however, Mr Bruce, health had started to go downhill. His skin got worse and seemed that no matter what we did, he was always in pain and he was starting to have seizures - not just here and there- but weekly. Bathing became a time of torture for Sir Bruce and even after quite a few vet trips, it seemed that Mr Bruce was never going to be the full of energy pig that we once had known. He always kept a cheerful face, but he wanted to snuggle more in the towel and sleep. Some of the most restful sleep he had was outside of his cage- in our laps with the towel.

Saturday, after speaking with the vet and a couple of other pig owners, we decided that maybe we should try some natural methods to help with his skin condition. We searched and found Tea Tree Oil, per the vet to try to help relieve some of the issues he had with his skin. However it did not seem to do much good. Mr Bruce still screamed out in pain and at this point, his seizures started to increase from daily to a couple of times a day. Holding him, I knew his heart was working twice its speed. His breathing had increased and his hours of sleep had become few and far between.

Snacking during the car ride!
 Yesterday started out pretty typical. After the boyfriend left, I got up to make breakfast. The guinea pigs give their usual squeals begging for breakfast. However, yesterday morning, they were not so energetic. I went around feeding each pig. Then, I walked up to Mr Bruce's cage - peered in to see him laying lifeless on his side, by his half-full food bowl, finally getting his restful sleep. My baby was gone. I lost it.

It is hard to describe the kind of joy a pet brings to you. Unless you own one, you really do not understand. It is truly like losing a family member. The happiness that Sir Bruce brought to our lives is priceless. My family tells me that by bringing him home, I prolonged his life that much more than he would have had. I know, without a doubt in my mind, I loved him and I still do.

We wrapped Sir Bruce up with some of his favorite snacks, of the garden variety, and placed him in a cigar box, well wrapped to keep him warm. We buried him in a deep grave yesterday at my aunt's house - under a young oak tree's shade. I know Sir Bruce would have loved this spot and I know wherever he is, he has a ton of salad fixings and the most peaceful sleep he can have - one without pain.

Sir Bruce 2011-2012

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

My Week in Pictures

Kitchen Goodies
I was so happy to find a cute jar at TJMaxx for my sugar and these adorable egg crate holders for my eggs in the fridge on clearance at Target!
Photobooth Project DONE!
I was thrilled to finally have finished my long-awaited Photobooth Project I have been working on. One of my favorite things when we go to the movies is grab $3 and head to the photo booth. Each time we try and snap one - and lately I have been collecting "props" for our trips to the booths- our last one (far left) shows off some new items!
Target Clearance = budgetlove!
I am always happy when I go shopping at target - but even more so when I snag some great finds. Like my new watch, orange kitchen apron and letterboxing/scrapbooking goodies! And, I even walked out spending less than $20!
Hello Sassy!
One of my bestest of friends, Tamara, and I never get to see one another that often anymore. Luckly, she was game for snagging a few items from me as I was cleaning out my closets a couple of weekends ago. And, we ended up at dinner at Cracker Barrel - and she snapped this photo of me! Not abnormal for us going around being crazy bff's!
He is on the front page!!
I was a super proud girlfriend this past monday as I saw my boyfriend on the front cover of one of our local newspapers. I am always proud of him and any accomplishment - but this one is just him doing something he loves and getting recognized for it. Congrats Toby, I am so very proud!!
I have a new love. Iced Coffee. Now, the canned version (spotted here) isn't nearly as amazing as the fresh version, but I was not about to complain when the boyfriend brought one home to me! Delicious!

All of these can be found on my Instagram! Just follow me @baconneggs!!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Apple Picking and the Arrival of Fall

Fall is officially here - at least the weather is- and I am so excited about watching the leaves change, enjoying many pumpkin-themed foods, spiced cider and switching out my short for sweaters. I have loved summer but I am looking forward to the arrival of fall.
The remaining box of apples - after a huge skillet for breakfast!
With all the wonderful things that happen with fall, and the transition, I knew I wanted to get in one of my favorite past times - apple picking!! I really enjoy going out and spending the day grabbing some delicious goodies at a local orchard. (well, not so local in my case this year). My aunt, boyfriend and I decided to take a Saturday trip to Charlottesville to visit Carter Mountain  Orchard for our apples and to visit around the rest of Charlottesville later on in the day.
Fiji Apples galore!
It ended up being not only a great day, but beautiful weather as well. There were so many delicious apples for picking (and tasting) that we ended up with about 4 pounds of apples!! My aunt ended up with about 1 pound herself to take home as well. The best part is the apples were HUGE - not like the ones you find at the grocery store either. These were twice the size and so juicy.

After grabbing as many apples as we could carry (thanks to the boyfriend for giving me a boost to grab the best ones at the tops of the trees), we headed into downtown Charlottesville for brunch and a little shopping before heading home to enjoy the fruits of our labors and the rest of the weekend!
Oh, and we did...we got home and made some delicious homemade apples on the skillet! And, we still have a ton leftover. So of course, I am pinning apple recipes! Any great apple recipes out there anyone knows about? I would love to have them!

Friday, October 5, 2012

A Weekend of Letterboxing

I was so excited to be able to go Letterboxing this past weekend with the boyfriend. Our first hunt was to Forest Hill Park - thanks to an online letterboxing blogger I had come across. I had not been to this park since I was a child so it was nice to come back and visit.
On the trails at Forest Hill Park
We really enjoyed a lot of the paths along the way. It was nice to go back and reminisce with my boyfriend about some of my favorite childhood memories. Since my grandmother had lived close to the park, we use to venture here quite often. I really enjoyed every moment here with her so it was nice to share that with the boyfriend.
Going over the clues again....
Sadly, we didn't find any of the 4 letterboxes that were placed. After reviewing the blog again, I realized that they were placed over 10 years ago, so I was sure they were probably stolen/tossed since then. I reached out to the blogger who placed the letterboxes. Hopefully she will be able to replace the boxes if they were taken.
I was still stirrring over the fact that we had spent an entire day letterboxing without a find. I was determined to find one. A part of letterboxing is realizing that sometimes you won't find the goodies that were placed - sometimes those boxes are missing/stolen/moved. But, I am always up for the challenge, regardless. But, I wanted to find one before the weekend was out, so I prepped my bag for another day of letterboxing.
The Gardens at Sunday Park
On Sunday, we brought my aunt along (though she was not to fond of having the camera around) so that she could experience a bit of letterboxing for herself and how it goes. Since this place is really close to us and pretty easy, we figured this would be a great letterbox to introduce her to. We were excited since this is a letterbox we had been saving - given it's close location. So this past weekend, we grabbed our directions and set out to find our letterbox (United 37).

We found our Letterbox and placed our stamp!
We were so excited to show off the letterbox we found! It was a great find - hidden quite well - and a great example to my aunt about the search for a letterbox. I loved the story that came with this box. (Hint: someone was married here and this letterbox has to do with it. I will leave the rest up to you, my friends, to find out the rest of the story, as well as the letterbox. If you are in the area, stop on in and try it out for yourself. Happy Hunting!

In the mean time, we are considering planting our own letterbox. Details to come if you are interested in hunting for it yourself!!