Thursday, December 13, 2012

Stocking Stuffers

The holidays are a great time for everyone to try out something new. Why not give that lucky lady on your list something she can finally try out for herself. Maybe they are unsure of a lipstick color you know she would love or that new scent you know she will want.
Spa socks are so wonderful. It is like an at-home pedicure in a sock. Grab up some great foot cream to go along with these great socks and you can ensure your gal pal will be rocking open-toed shoes before spring hits!
Reed diffusers are a great and simple gift you can snag up for any woman on your list. They make great gifts and the scent can be easily changed out for a new one if they get tired of smelling the same fragrance.
Body wash and bubble baths are some of the best gifts to give. There is always a fun scent out there to make your shower experience so much better than just plain body wash. Why not give her something she can truly spoil herself with.
Burt's Bee's has some of the best quality products. Made with all-natural ingredients, these gift sets allow that gal pal on your list something fun and new to try - that she can easily carry with her on any night out.
Victoria's Secret has a great fragrance line- but they also have wonderful body splashes- perfect for that quick spritz after the shower or gym that will leave any lucky lady on your list glad she had that "just in case".
Candles are so fun this time of year. They fill your home with such great scents for the season. It is an easy way to transform a room without spending a lot of dough. Bath and Body Works has a great line for the season, like this candle, but any store this time of year is bound to have great holiday scents for the season. You do not have to spend Yankee Candle money to get a great candle.

Stocking stuffers do not have to break the bank and luckily these great gift ideas will not cost you over $20. May your stockings be stuffed with great goodies this year!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Gift Ideas: Newlyweds

There are so many couples out there that sometimes it is hard to find gifts that both parties will appreciate. Why not give a gift that both will love that they would love to share- especially if they love to entertain guests.
  • These flameless candles ensure the newlywed couple will have many romantic nights together- without having to worry about forgetting to blow out the candles. Add a bit of romantic touch to their humble abode with this great gift.
  • I love art. But, everyone has different taste when it comes to the art they love. Give a piece that will remind the couple of how much they care for one another with this great piece from Etsy.
  • Diffusers make great gift. They add a bit of style and class to any area. I love them myself and they come in so many different scents - they add just a hint of fresh scent to any room of the house. Pier1 is great for a variety of scents - but you really cannot go wrong with any brand out there.
  • Frames are a great gift for newlyweds. What a better way to display all the wonderful memories from their wedding, honeymoon and beyond with these stylishly classic black frames.
  • Vases are often a great gift for any couple. Men tend to dote upon their lovely ladies with gifts of fresh flowers. Let the couple display them in style with this super cute honeycomb-style vase.
  • Entertaining is always fun with pieces that get a conversation going. You can ensure the guests will love this piece exactly for that. With the ability to hold a lot, it could be a food piece or decoration for any other room in the house.
Gifts sometimes are hard to find, but these gifts, all under $40, will ensure you get a great gift without breaking the bank this holiday season!!

Monday, December 10, 2012

Easy & Cheap DIY Christmas Gifts Pt. 2

I have already shared with you guys some great DIY gift ideas already. But, there are so many more so I figured I would share with you all more great gift ideas. There are so many great ideas out there for you to make some great gifts this year without breaking the bank - that I am sure whomever it is on your list will appreciate!

Via Flamingo Toes
DIY scrubs/salts/bath goodies are some of the best gifts to give this year. They are super easy to make, often times the ingredients can be found at your local grocery or craft store and can be made in large batches. Even the containers can be purchased on the cheap.
Via Life in the Hundred Acre Woods
Another easy gift is a DYI rice bag. These can be made with some simple fabric and a bag of rice. Easily sewn together, with a bit of essential oils or raw lavendar, make a great spa-like gift as well that will not break the bank.
Via Design*Sponge
I love mini zipper pouches. They are great for storing about anything and have so many uses. They are super easy to make and do not cost a lot for the items you need. Depending on the design, you can even use them as a themed gift.
Via Flickr
Grandparents will love any personalized gifts from the grandkids. Why not give them a gift that they will appreciate even when the grandkids are away. Bring a smile to their face with a personlized mug -perfect time to make these are during the Thanksgiving holiday so you can get everyone together beforehand for the surprise!
Via Etsy
Necklaces can be easy to make - especially if you already make jewelry. You can personalize them with someone's birthstone and initial and with a few other add on's, can create something unique for anyone on your list. Would make great gifts for mother's, aunt's, sister's and grandparent's.

Well I hope these gifts have provided you with some great ideas and inspiration.

Gift Ideas: For The Guys

Many guys on the your list do not always tell you what they want. For that guy on your list, give them something they will enjoy - not just sit in the back of the closet.
  • Any guy on your list probably loves t-shirts, regardless if it is a superhero shirt or sports team. Give them a t-shirt they will want to wear throughout the year- that you will also like seeing them in. Superman is an easy choice as he will feel super in this soft t-shirt.
  • Guys like watches. It is a great statement piece for any guy- and most use them as a basic. This super versatile watch from Fossil allows your guy choices on what bands to wear- depending on what outfit they are wearing. That is like having 3 watches in one- which makes this a great gift.
  • Most guys are not a fan of too much jewelry. Some wants basics that will match any outfit. And, this great cuff bracelet is simple yet bold for any guy on your list.
  • Men look great dressed up - but feel stuffy in a suit. Let him show is playful side by getting him a fun pair of cufflinks. These in particular work great for a guy who pays the guitar or loves rock.
  • Some guys use only the basics when getting ready (toothpaste, deodrant, etc.) but fail to use anything to enhance their style. Cologne tends to be an easy addition to any guys wardrobe. Acqua di Gio is a great classic scent most guys tend to like.
  • Men who tend to have to take care of their skin need great products. The Body Shop actually has a pretty great skincare line for guys that is sure to make that guy on your list even better looking.

Any guy on your list is sure to find something on here they will love that is also easy on your budget - all under $50. So find something your guy will love and I am sure they will use it more than once a year!

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Gift Ideas: Fashionista

I love my girlfriends- a lot. They are fashionistas. They love the next cute accessory or bold addition to their wardrobe. Why not give the gift of fashion.
  • This bold red necklace would make the perfect accessory- all year long. Perfect for any fashionista on the list - this will be an item they wear all year long.
  • These super cute purple bold drop earrings prove the be a bold accessory that allows your favorite fashionista to walk outside her comfort zone and bring a bit of pop to any outfit.
  • What girl doesn't need the perfect holiday clutch? This is great all year round and it can dress up any outfit- from jean to a dress for a date night. The perfect accessory to give this holiday.
  • I love bold rings - and this cluster ring proves to add a bit of playfulness to any outfit. Great for the holidays for its bold color, it can also be a great addition to any spring/summer outfit.
  • What fashionists doesn't need a new jewelry box? After getting all these great gifts, she will need something to hold it all and this super cute Diane Von Furstenburg jewelry box (now available at Target!) is a great chic accessory on a budget - that she would love to add to her fashion-forward home.
  • Every woman needs red lipstick. This super cute NARS matte lipstick adds a bit of bold, bright and sexy notes to any outfit. A girl means business when she wears red and your fashionista will add this to her next outfit to make that lip of her truly pop!
 I know any fashionista on your list will truly love each and every gift on this list. And, the best part is that each item is under $40. Great for any budget- your fashionista will appreciate the gift that keeps on giving. Happy Holidays!

Friday, December 7, 2012

Gift Ideas: Fun Co-Workers

You  tend to see your coworkers for most of the day-  you share jokes and laughs and they help the work day go a lot smoother. With these gift ideas, let their days get a bit brighter behind the desk with some fun accessories.
  • The Buddha pen holder is a great and fun addition to anyone's desk. We can all misplace pens, but Buddha can help anyone find a pen when in need.
  • This USB Tulip hub is great for the person in the office that always has the one-up on the next new electronic. They even bring them into the office to share and show off. This will help them in their day-to-day connections.
  • Who doesn't need a great organizer for their desk? This desk organizer dog will help keep every desk essential in one easy location - with the ease of access.
  • For those great guys on your list that need a break from the stresses of the day, why not get them a mini pool table for those lunch time breaks when they cannot always leave the office!
  • Jonathan Adler has done it again! Bring this little eraser as a gift, and you can be sure the mistakes made on reports and projects will be to a minimum.
  • This fun pear-shaped note pad will offer not only the easiest way to send a note to a co-worker but it also changes up things from the normal yellow post-it. Snag this up for the admin in your office and you can be sure she signs every note with a smile!

Well, after all these great gift ideas, you can be sure the office will be a bit cheerful, if for only one day. Happy Holidays and Happy Hunting!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Gift Ideas: Fun and Whimsical

I really love giving a funny gift- the kind that makes people laugh just opening them. Those are the best kind. I love getting these myself - but if you have a jokester on your list, this may be exactly what they want.

Mustache Magnets. Who doesn't think these are funny? I would love to put these on my fridge over top a lof of pictures I already have posted up. They would bring an element of fun.
I love that cute kitchen timer. Nesting dolls are a big christmas element but these are great to add to any kitchen for that element of fun. No one would suspect the nesting doll of being a kitchen timer.
Golf Club pens. I know a ton of golfers on my list and they would absolutely love to see these under their tree on in their stockings. Perfect for that golfer on the go.
These ninja nesting dolls are super fun for most guys on your list. They are not like the traditional nesting dolls, which brings that bit of whimsical fun to them.
Pac-Man cookie cutters. I would love getting a batch of cookies made out of my favorite arcade game friends. Yummy!
I bet you do not know anyone that has a coffee mug with a cookie holder, do you? I know I personally love a fresh cup of coffee with a glazed doughnut in the morning- and this would be perfect on my desk! Maybe one of my coworkers may want this one.

For that jokester or friend on your list with that extra funny funnybone, selecting a gift with a bit of humor on the side makes for the perfect gift on their list! Happy Holidays!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Gift Ideas: Food & Wine Lover

Christmas is the perfect time to give that person on your list something they will enjoy for the years to come. I have found that a great deal of my friends on my lists love food and wine - something I am so glad we share. For the food and wine enthuasists on my list, I find giving them something a bit unique, all in my price range.

  • I have found that I really dislike opening wine bottles- sometimes I believe it is because of our wine opener. This cute gadget opens your wine for you - and even comes with a chiller to keep your chilled wines cold -without having to run to the fridge.
  • Comfort Food. Who doesn't love that? Perfect for fall and winter cooking, this book provides new and delicious recipes for anyone on your list looking to expand their tastebuds on a new meal.
  • Tipsy wine glasses. Aren't they fun? I would pick these up for myself- but alas I have a ton of wine glasses. This set of two would be perfect for any couple or newlyweds on your list. They may already have stemware, but these are unique and will be the talk of any dinner party.
  • The set of mixing bowls proves to be a great addition to any kitchen. I find myself always in need of an extra bowl when I am baking or cooking one of my new pinterest creations. This set of three even has a pour spout on the side, that makes tranisitoning of the material inside smooth and clean.
  • Pier1 has some of the best kitchen gadgets around. But, this simple pair of salad servers not only make for an easy gifting choice, but they also make great hostess gift as well. And, for anyone that entertains, these bring a simple addition to the salad bowl.
  • I love fun items- and this cute cheese knife is the perfect paring with a block of cheese and my favorite wine. Add the element of fun and snag this cute guy up for your next party.
I hope these help you on your search for the perfect gift this holiday season. Good Luck and Happy Hunting this holiday!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Getting Started: Letterboxing

I am sure by reading my blog for a bit now, you have seen more than a few posts about letterboxing. From first being introduced to what letterboxing actually is to making our own and planting our first letterbox.

Letterboxing combines the love of outdoors (from hiking and using a compass) to treasure hunting (the actual search of the letterbox - clues and discovery) and art (making your own stamps, letterboxes).

The thing that is really awesome about letterboxing is the fact that you can do it really at any age. You can participate as a family or with friends or a significant other. It is easy to start and a fairly cheap hobby to pick up.
Supplies Via Bagels and Crawfish
All you need to being with is a notebook (any size will do - as long as it is big enough to hold a rubber stamped image), an ink pad, and stamp (you can find these items anywhere at a craft store or where any scrapbooking  or teacher supplies are found). The notebook will allow you to record any and all stamp you find during your letterboxing adventures. The ink pad and stamp is to leave your personal stamp in the letterbox you find. All of these items can vary in price, but can be found and purchased all together at about $10 max.

You can choose to join in a community or not- that choice is up to you. However, there are a ton of websites out there to help you find letterboxes in your area. Letterboxing.Org is the national website (and one of the best places to start) to find your first few letterboxes. It also does it by easy, medium or experienced levels - so newbies can find easy letterboxes to get use to the hobby. Atlast Quest, which is one community I am apart of, allows you to create your own logbook online (in addition to the one you carry) to show others what you have found - as well as what you have planted. It also allows you to find boxes planted that is for the community specifically. There are always a few perks to creating your own profile in a community, but you most certainly do not need to participate in one to have fun.

Keep in mind that not everyone that finds letterboxes are actual letterboxers- and some letterboxes will get removed/stolen and they may not be there when you go to actually search for them. Some park officials will spot letterboxes and trash them - however, most states actually support letterboxing (and geocaching). Even if the box is not there, do not fret. Not all letterboxes are missing. If you do find that a letterbox is not where it was originally placed, you can always notify the owner of the missing box and they may be able to replace it. Letterboxing is very fun -even without the find of the box - so keep in mind that not all boxes will be discovered.

I hope this will persuade some of you to go out and try letterboxing for yourself! You never know what you will discover!

Monday, December 3, 2012

30 Days of Gratitude: 23-30

This is the last week of the 30 Days of Gratitude. You can see Week 1, Week 2, and Week 3 to see the rest of the challenge. I have really enjoyed this challenge and I am thinking about doing another one!!
DAY 23: ENERGY: This little guy (Tiberius) is so full of energy every morning. I swear he does little piggy summersaults off the sides of his home. He is so full of life and he enjoys "popcorning" to show his happiness. It makes me wish for happier days myself.
DAY 24: ADVENTURE: You never know what you will find when you go out - or leave the boyfriend alone for a moment. He snagged up this great gem and I have to say I really don't mind him having it. It makes me laugh since it is his type of humor. I can hear the lamp saying "Fra-gee-lee".
DAY 25: BEAUTY: How much can one really own? A lot, apparently. And, Boy, do I own a lot of beauty products. I actually have weeded it down so I only have the bare minimum out. *Sneak Peek: You can see the new Revlon ColorBurst in Bordeaux in my lipgloss/lipstick organizer bag. More on that to come!
DAY 26: TRADITION: The boyfriend and I have an RVA tradition. There is this amazing local theater called "The Byrd" and we tend to go as much as we can. Like, every weekend. Since we were not able to go this past weekend (and we needed our popcorn fix), we decided to make our Monday night back to work our movie night. So, grabbing our air popper and a few goodies, we made the most of our night back! I'd say it was pretty spectacular!
DAY 27: SOUND: There is no better sound in the morning than my coffee pot. I love the aroma each day and I love how it awakens me up every horrible monday morning with the sounds of flavor brewing just for me.
DAY 28: COMFORT: There is no better spot at the end of a long work day (or week) than snuggling up on my couch. There is something about home that is just so inviting. How I long for more time spent here.
DAY 29: ART: A secret you probably did not know. We have art. And, lots of it. The boyfriend is an artists and comes from a family of one. See that amazing black/white angel? He did that (white pastels on black paper- this is our copy - his sister has the original) Yes, skills I do not even pretend to own. I am so very proud of all of his artwork. The landscape photo on our bookcases belongs to his grandma. I love all the pieces we have - some unique, some store bought. All have a special touch and mean something to us.
DAY 30: LOVE: I love this kid. I love his humor and I love the times we spend together. We may have our rough days but it's the smiles, the jokes, the laughter, that at the end of the day, makes coming home to him that much sweeter!

I am so happy I was able to complete this from start to finish. I really enjoyed this challenge. I hope some of you participated as well. It was a great experience and I cannot wait to do another one!!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Easy and Cheap DIY Christmas Gifts

For those who are feeling the holiday pinch, there are so many great DIY gifts that would be pefect for most people on your list this holiday season.

One of the easiest (and cheapest) gifts I have found is this super easy lipgloss. All you need is vaseline and lipstick/pink lemonade mix.

What about something a bit more simple - non gender specific? I found these super cute thrifted glassware candles DIY and knew that was too easy and simple to not make. Depending on the type of glassware you use, you can make this easily for any guy on your list. Just hop on over to your local Goodwill store and snag some glassware - that is, if you do not have any spare around the house. Just get some wicks and candle wax and next thing you know, you have a super cute candle. *Note: add a few essential oils for a light scent*.

What about something everyone likes - homemade goodies?? Well, these are super easy to do. Just find some cheap dollar store tins, a bit of spray paint and fill each of these tins with your own homemade sweets. Cannot find your own, follow me on pinterest and I have a ton on my Foodie board.
What about that grill guy on your list who is going through withdrawls from not being able to grill out in this chillier season? Why not give him a goodie basket with some grill themed items. Easily found at a variety of stores, you can add BBQ Sauce, Rubs, Tongs, Themometer, etc. to fill his grilling needs. (These also make great Father's Day gifts too!)
Some of my favorite gifts are ones that are personalized yet simple. What about a pampering in a jar for those on your list that like to ensure they look their best year-round. This can easily be personalized for age or gender. For men, you can add mini colognes, manicure sets, and small body washes and hair gels. For little girls, add some sparkly press-on nails, hello kitty socks, small nail polishes, etc. for them.
Remember, that any gift can be pefect- no matter the amount of money spent on it. Just make sure it comes from the heart. Happy Holidays!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

My Week in Photos

This past week has been a big adventure..between celebrating my birthday to Thanksgiving, it has been super busy around here!!

I was being taunted all week by my goodies sitting around the house... I wanted to peek so bad, but I resisted!! Go Me!
We had gone to wally world to pick up some hardware items (lightbulbs, etc.) when we stopped by the toy section to play around and I spotted these awesome mask/cape sets. I could not resist snagging them up for our piglets! Their humiliation was worth it.
I have to say celebrating my birthday does not come without random photos. One of my favorite spots in RVA is this awesome area called Carytown. It has all types of unique homes and shops. It is one of my favorite spots in the city. One of the best stores is this toy store called World of Mirth, and that is where this was taken. They always have so many awesome goodies in there to snag for gifts but their window display was on-point this year!
I was happy to snag up one of my favorite colognes for the boyfriend this week, during some of my christmas shopping. Ladies, if you have not smelled this, you need to.
I am so thankful for my fireplace. And, for the moments I can sit and enjoy it. It is so warm and provides the right amount of relaxation I need after a long day at work.

If you'd like to follow me on Instagram, I am @baconneggs

30 Days of Gratitude: 15-22

Well, Week 1 and Week 2 are complete! And, now at Week 3, I feel sad that this challenge is coming close to the end.
DAY 15: FAMILY. I love my family. Last Thanksgiving, we were celebrating an upcoming expansion of my cousin getting remarried. It was a great time and we are so happy to have so many wonderful additional great people a part of our family.
DAY 16: INSPIRATION. Some days, when it gets super chilly, all I can think about is planning a vacation to some place tropical. Changing my background on my work computer tends to at least let me escape for a moment to that tropical spot on the beach, somewhere far away from my daily work.
DAY 17: WEATHER. I cannot complain for the most part on the weather. Mother Nature has turned Virginia into her canvas and has painted so many beautiful picturesque landscapes to be desired.
DAY 18: CHANGE. I always seem to never have change with me. It often goes here for a rainy day weekend fund so we can take a random trip. If I am doing laundry and I find change, it goes here. If we have change leftover from a purchase, even if it is just a few pennies and nickles, it goes here. Last time it was used, we had $40 saved up for a day trip to the Natural Bridge. That was a great investment.
DAY 19: LAUGHTER. I celebrated my birthday this weekend with so many wonderful people. I am truly blessed to have so many great friends. I was happy to spend it with all of them. Sadly, you cannot get everyone to fit in a picture, much less a photo booth!
DAY 20: FOOD. What an amazing birthday cake! My Tiramisu slice was pure heaven. Have you seen anything more delicious? It was so strong of a cake, that everyone did partake on a bite of it. I kind of want some more.
DAY 21: HOME. Home is where your heart belongs. This is my home - well, where I live. Home is wherever your heart is - it is not a building or what lies within it. It is where you are happiest with the people you care most about.
DAY 22: COLOR. If anyone know me well enough, they know I love owls. These cutie pies were gifted to me on my birthday. I am so excited to put these wall decals up when we move! They will make the perfect item for my office. If you want one of your own, just hit up Pier1!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

My Week In Photos

Took some time this past week to create one of my Pinterest recipes I have been dying to make. Does it not look delicious? That is the garbage plate bread and it was amazing.
The boyfriend and I decided to have a movie date this past weekend. We went to see Argo. Not a typical movie for us, but it was not bad. And, of course we celebrated our date with a photobooth photo!
Target Samples as you know are so few and far between, but once the internet is a-buzz with notifying people of it, most flock to get their own. Well, I got lucky this time and was able to snag some of the goodies in this sample pack (with coupons).
In the words of Rachel Ray, YUM-O! These super easy chocolate crescents are the perfect dessert treat on a dime. And the recipe is super easy.
I love owls. I snagged this new friend up at the stocking stuffer section of Target. Since my piggie one broke, he has made a fine new addition to my keys!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

30 Days of Gratitude: 8-14

So, I have been doing the 30 Days of Gratitude and I am happy to say I feel quite proud of myself. Week 1 was not too bad until I got a bit furher into the challenge a bit, but Week 2 has finally been completed- and I am sad to say I am half way through. Without further ado, here is week 2!
DAY 8: SLEEP. My bed - oh how I love it. I really love my bed. It is welcoming, brings such deep, wonderful sleep and I really am blessed and thankful to have such a serene spot to sleep at night.
DAY 9: HOLIDAYS. This is such an amazing time of year. Not only is this month for which my birthday falls under, but the holiday's bring so much joy and nostalgia for home and family. One of my favorite things about this time of year is the seasonal treats we get - like pumpkin spiced lattes and hot chocolate that bring this time of year in full swing.
DAY 10: KINDNESS. My boyfriend really has a heart of gold. He is so open about his nerdiness - and that is one of the things I love about him. He goes out of his way to introduce me to things I would not normally do or be a part of. For example, he spent Saturday evening working on these cards for this game he wanted to teach me. He goes above and beyond for me and for that I am truly thankful he is a part of my life.
DAY 11: FRIENDSHIP. Where do you begin with this? I have so many amazing friends - some have come and gone but those that have stayed through the thick and thin make me appreciate them so much more. This photo was taken on my birthday last year with two of my very best friends - who conviently date (hello double date nights) that I have grown such a deep friendship for. I would go out of my way to do things for them since they have done the same for me. It is people like these that make me thankful for the little things in life.
DAY 12: MUSIC. I really am thankful to My lovely 4 Gen iPod. This little baby has gotten me through some rough commutes when I would travel to work, it has been there for me during those grueling workouts where I beat my body into submission on the eliptical and it has even helped me on days when I just needed a song to turn my day around. 
DAY 13: TIME. This picture was taken when I was about to go to bed the other night. Can you believe I go to bed that late? Or, that once that was considered an early bedtime for me? Now, I look at that clock and wonder where the time has gone...and think about in one week from when this photo was taken, that yet again, another birthday will be celebrated and we once again spin around the sun for another 365 days until it happens again.
DAY 14: CREATIVITY. I really love to scrapbook. It is kind of a hidden passion of mine. I love the idea of taking memories and putting them in a book that really amplifies the experience you had at that time. They have these awesome mini books called Smash Books that you can put stickers, momentos and other goodies in. A great way to get started into scrapbooking, they have mini kits you can purchase to add a bit of flair to each page.

I have enjoyed this challenge so far...let's see how I do with the other half! Is anyone else out there doing this challenge? If so, let me know. I would love to see your progress as well.