Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Pantry: Organization & Lunch Detail

Typically, I am the more organized person in our home. Mr. Frog Legs, being a busy teacher, does not always seem to find organization at the top of his priority list. I have found myself a bit puzzled on way to revamp my organization to work a bit more effectively. That is, until I found some inspiration to guide me. 
Found at IHeartOrganization

I was happy to find this little tidbit of inspriation. It was an easy task to complete. All I needed was a small tub (already purched for $1 at the Dollar Store, snack & sandwich bags and snacks. I really like the fact that I can easily grab each item quickly during the morning rush to pack our lunches. Super easy!! And what is a lunch without your favorite lunch tote. Here is my new one!! It's the small things that excite me.
Anyway, there are a few more ideas I am considering tackling, like this, this, and this. However, I am already off to a good start.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Feng Shui What?

This past Sunday, I was truly inspired. I was flipping channels over my bowl of Cherrios and I came across this interesting news story about Feng Shui. Mind you, I have heard a few things here and there in passing on its design and beliefs but this particular story had me mesmerized. I was so interested in learning more that I started searching the internet for more information and design. Then, I took a look around my bedroom and figured, "well, there is a lot of clutter and we could use a change in here."  After looking at a few diagrams, I figured a few changes would do us well. So, I spent my sunday revamping our bedroom around a bit to make it more 'energy-friendly'. Unfortuntely, I was not able to take pictures of my mad dash around the bedroom, but this post is perfect if you are interested in doing a few changes to your rooms.
Remember! A change, no matter how small, makes a big difference.

A Quick Letterboxing Adventure

Two weekends ago, Frog Legs and I celebrated 1 year together. And to share in our wonderful times, we decided another Letterboxing adventure was in order. So off we went, with directions in hand to a new location for a letterbox. We started out at a small park not too far from where I work. I was amazed that the clues included some easily marked spots - like this tree, for example.
Hello Red Oak!
Luckily, since it was super cold out that day, we found our letterbox pretty fast. I must say I am rather impressed with Mr. Frog Legs himself for finding this little gem.
Found their book...with a mini gift inside!
Adding our stamp!
It was a fun day and a wonderful way to celebrate one year - on yet another one of our many exciting adventures.
Until next time, my friends, Happy Letterboxing!! 

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Holiday Wrap-Up and New Beginnings...

Hello My Friends! Welcome back from the wonderfully hectic holidays. I hope you enjoyed many happy memories with your family and friends.

One of my favorite gifts received this holiday season was my Singer sewing machine. Frog Legs knew how much I had been pinning ideas on things I wanted to make - and a lot included sewing. I knew I had a very old antique sewing machine that was given to me - but I also knew that it would be quite costly to repair "Old Betsy" (as I so lovingly started calling her). It was going to be quite the expense so I was so happy to unwrap on Christmas morning my new gem. Not to worry all, I am excited to show you so many of the projects I plan on starting. 

I had found ideas (similar to this one and this one) to create my own first "guinea pig" project. Mind you, I did not take photos of my project, but let's just say I have a lot of work ahead of me. My advice to any new sewing machine enthuasist, take your time! Keep at your idea and if you make a mistake, just use your seam ripper!!

Until next time....... Happy 2012 and let's get crafting!!