Friday, May 25, 2012

Friday Inspiration

A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous. - Coco Chanel

Happy Friday! I hope everyone enjoys the extended weekend. Frog Legs and I are planning a busy weekend ahead. For this Friday's inspiration, classy is the general theme for the week. We are in full-swing for weddings, parties and vacations and there are plenty of ways to add a touch a of class to any event. What an exciting time of year! Regardless of what you will be going to (cookout, wedding, party, etc.), there is always a fab outfit to wear.
H&M is always a favorite store of mine- great styles for any budget. And, this dress is no exception. $18 clams and this dress will take you to a fancy cocktail night with the ladies or any dressy event. **Brides, this is a great dress if you are on a strict budget.** There are other alternatives, however, if you wanted something a bit fancier.
Washintonian va The Daybook
Maxi Dresses - I am absolutely in love with them. They are great to dress up for date night or keep casual for a BBQ with friends or running errands around town. They are super comfy and come in an array of styles and fits for any budget.
Accessories that POP. Bring a bit of style to each outfit and make that classy REVAMP with just a few key pieces. There are so many ways to bring a bit of pop to each outfit and they do not have to break the bank to do so. The best part is that it does not have to be shoes or a handbag to bring some class to your outfit.

Enjoy everyone!!

Thursday, May 24, 2012


I know I shared with you guys here that I was a fan of Instagram. I have to say, I am amused. I now take photos of random objects around the house to see how I can edit them to make them look more artistic.

Target tissues :)

Frog Legs gift from a student

Dino-Rawr piggy bank

Photobooth Snapshots
 It really is fun to play around with. Have you tried it out yet? If so, link up to me so I can see some of your great shots!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Book Review: Eat This - Not That

The man and I have agreed to take a more proactive approach to getting a lot more healthier for the 2012 year. We agreed on New Years that one of our resolutions was to become more healthier individuals - and we agreed to do it together. In doing so, our first step was to find a gym. After researching a few gyms in our area, we finally found one.

However, the man still felt that hitting the gym was not enough. So, after much struggling on his part, he caved in and decided to try changing his diet. If you know him well enough, you will know there are certain foods he has a hard time parting with. Our first healthy book purchase ( 400 Calorie Meals) helped us get a newer mindset on how many calories we really do take in daily as well as each meal. Needless to say, we felt we needed something additional to help guide us to better products that we buy daily (between yogurt, eggs, cheeses, etc.) so we make better choices at the grocery store. That is when I stumbled across the Eat This - Not That book. After reading a few good review on it, I decided to go to our local bookstore and pick it up.
Eat This Not That: Supermarket Survival Guide by David Zinczenko
I was really impressed with the overall book. I am a very visual person and to explain with a lot a words sometimes just does not really have it settle in. This book shows actual products that you love and alternatives that are just a great and better for you. Now, the book does not suggest buying these specific products (like ice cream) but it merely suggests if you are going to buy the product, buy the one that is better for you. The decision to purchase the product is all on your choices.
I will say I was very impressed with the large amount of organic products in the book. As someone who has allergies to certain processing ingredients (High-Fructose Corn Syrup), it is nice to find a lot of great organic products that do not cost an arm and a leg to purchase. I am also impressed with the section that goes into great detail about product taste tests (taking your favorite staples - ketcup, PB, etc.) and comparing it with other store's brands (walmart, kroger, safeway, etc.). The overall scoring is based on taste, not price or product name. It is interesting to see where some mainstream products failed in taste comparison to store brands.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Friday Inspiration

Happy Friday Everyone!!! For this Friday's inspiration, there was just too many wonderful things to share to just have one category. So, for this Friday, my friends, I am sharing with you a few different bits of inspiration. Enjoy!!

Fashion: I am digging the pastel jeans with an oxford top and statement bag. Eva Longoria channeled this look on-point with her heels and aviators. Great outfit for casual friday at work or running errands on the weekend.
From People StyleWatch
For The Home: Coffee Table styling seems to be the new "IN" thing to do to the home that seems to bring a bit of "pop" to the living room so guests can find your personal style. You can find so many styles for inspiration (like here, here and here). Regardless of what your style is, show it with books and key pieces that remind you of your own personal style.
From Blogger The Glitter Guide
For The Kind Friend: I am a big fan of gift-giving. I love to find an occassion to give something personal and fun to someone. Summer is approaching and school will be out soon for some and for others, it means the start of vacation season. It is always nice to leave a gift for someone watching the family pet/home while you are away or a nice gift to a teacher for such a great experience your child had. Either way, I am sure you can find a reason to give something home-made for a friend/coworker/kind fellow on your list.

From Blogger Darling Doodles
For Fun: I am a HUGE believer in going out there and trying out something new for fun. You may find a project you figured was hard really is pretty simple. Or what about that recipe you have been dying to make. Take the time to do something to expand yourself. You will never know what you will learn unless you try it out!

From Blogger Little Bit Funky
Enjoy the weekend everyone! :)

Thursday, May 17, 2012

A Few of My NEW Favorite Things

I always like finding something new that I just fall for. Something unexpected, but yet very cool. I went to my favorite store, Tarjay and found these super cute Gold Leaves Drop Earrings from their new The Webster at Target collection. I had spotted them in my May 2012 issue of People Style Watch (under Bohemian Chic article) and knew I wanted them. And, yes, those fantastic baubles were $15.

From Blogger In The Know

And some inspiration - found at Hobby Lobby - that inspired me (the luck bracelet) to make a new bracelet. As soon as I went home, I dashed to my jewelry tool box and got to work. I have to say how proud I am of this bracelet- as this is a new project for me. I had frog legs pick up the coordinating stones to accent my charms. I really am proud of this project. I picked out charms that would have some sort of meaning between Frog Legs and I.

I absolutely love creating new things - and this bracelet is no exception. I loved the blue accented stones that bring the "pop" factor to the charms.

While I was picking up the charms, I found the cutest owl (and if you know me, you know I LOVE love love owls) so I could not resist picking him up. And, since I had leftover blue accent jewels, I created a necklace to go with my new bracelet. I am excited to be wearing it to work today.  He was super easy to make (5 leftover blue jewels, 1 pearl, 4 silver accents, spare link from my bracelet, and a small chain from another project). I call him "owl in the moonlight".

So, do you have any new things you love?

Friday, May 11, 2012

A Bit of My Style

I am an accessory fiend. I absolutely love makeup, perfume and jewelry, especially if I can get it for a killer steal-of-a-deal. I have found that you do not have to spend an entire paycheck or max out that credit card to look exceptionally styish. No, my friends, you just need a bit of creativity and a tad bit of imagination and you can create almost any look you find.

I always find a deal at some of my favorite local consignment shops (like Clementine's & Indigo Avenue Clothes for great dresses), Tarjay, Plato's Closet or even Goodwill. They are my go-to stores for great discounts on clothing - I always seem to find something wonderful that will look amazing- either jewelry, belts, or great dresses.  Another reason I love these places is that after someone gets their use out of these great pieces, they recycle them and I get to wear them my way before handing it down for recycling myself.

However, sometimes, certain products catch my eye and after falling absolutely madly in love with their results, I have to keep coming back for more. I have a love for BareMinerals by Bare Escentuals (my color is Fairly Light) for my base makeup. For about $20+ per container, it is a bit more expensive than I like to pay for makeup typically - but I cannot help but to keep coming back to it. I never have a breakout with the makeup and you even wear it to bed. (Believe me, I have tested this many times and it has not failed). And, yes, I have purchased the brushes - you have to use the correct applicator for any flawless finish. One of my favorite cheapie quick eyeshadows is Wet N Wild's Walking on Eggshells eyeshadow trio (I get mine at FiveBelow or CVS - typically on sale). It is a simple and easy natural-looking eye color that works with any outfit. Any great night-out look isn't complete without eyeliner and my go-to is elf 3 piece eyeliner set -and at 3 clams, will not break the bank. The liquid is not my favorite- but if I use the pencil first, I never have any issues with application. You cannot simply have makeup without including the lucious lips and I love (Avon's line) Mark Glow Baby Glow hook-up lip gloss in sun luxe. It is light-weight, non-sticky and is subtle enough to wear when you are going for a more toned-down makeup day.
An example of a really great makeup day was last Saturday when Frog Legs and I went to an indoor football game (known as arena football) - thanks to me winning tickets at work. Here is my makeup for the game night:

Foundation: BareMinearls in Fairly Light, Blush: BareMinerals in Golden Gate, Lips: Mark Glow Baby Glow in Sun Luxe, Eyeliner: ELF black, Eyeshadow: Maybelline EyeStudio Color Explosion in Amethyst Ablazed.
I like to add a bit of my eyeshadow color to my eyeliner to bring that extra pop to my eyes.


Headphones & My Tablet
I am a big fan of taking photos - something about breathing life into a moment and making it last a lifetime with a memory attached. well, that just makes my heart skip a beat. Kiddos, let me introduce you to Instagram. Where even a crummy photographer, such as myself, can even look like a well-developed artist of the flash. All you do is download the app (phone, tablet, etc.) and then when you take a photo, you can upload it and then, with the magic of the photo filters, create an even more awesome photo. Have you tried this out yet?? I just got on it a couple of weeks ago and I love it. Just to show you a few of my fun photos (I took these with random items in my purse).

Owl Wallet

Pen & Paper

Make-up bag & Nail Kit
What do you think? Instant artist!! If you are interested in creating your own account, go and download the app yourself...then, you can follow me!! Find me at BaconNEggs.

Enjoy kiddos!!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Friday Inspirations

Happy Friday Y'all!
Frog Legs and I are super excited for our date night to see The Avengers on 3D. So, in honor of the superhero weekend, here is my friday inspiration. All found on my Pinterest!

Enjoy the weekend!! :)

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A Little Retro

Target Dress, Nine West Shoes
 I was so excited to visit my local Target (or Tarjayyy) this past weekend. How awesome was it to find this killer retro dress. I thought it would be perfect for my movie date this weekend with frog legs. The dress is a simple sweetheart neckline, fitted dress. I paired mine with Nine West wedges, Black Chunky Necklace and red earrings. I went for a more retro hairstyle and make-up selection (you cannot go wrong with red lips- thank you Revlon in Target Red). Pefect date night dress!