Monday, March 26, 2012

DIY: Hemp Necklace

I have always preferred to making my own items as opposed to purchasing them. Case in point - hemp necklaces. I always wanted one as a kid but I would never buy one. I always thought it would be better to make them. Now, I am 100% sure that anyone can pick up this easy craft. They make great gifts and are not that expensive to make. I picked up the Hemp cording at a local craft store and Frog Legs (since I was making this for him as an early birthday gift) picked out his own necklace charm he wanted. All I had to do was make the basic flat knot.  And after about 20 minutes, he had a necklace. Super easy and super fun.
All Finished!!!
Note: you will need to wash it a few times- to remove the natural smell from the Hemp cording. This is natural. After about 3-4 washes, you should not notice a scent. Best to wash the necklace in the shower, if possible.

Foodie: Zuchinni Fritters

I really love veggies. I truly cannot get enough of them. They are super healthy, most are not too bad for you to eat a ton of and overall fill you pretty quickly. What's not to love about something so tasty?! I came across a great recipe on Pinterest I wanted to make. I am always trying to find new recipes to incorporate healthy options so we can limit eating unhealthy foods. I adjusted the recipe a tad, but overall, I think they came out pretty yum-o!

1 Zuchinni (completely grated- about 2 cups)
3/4 C Flour
1 Egg
2T EVOO (olive oil)
1T Italian Seasoning
1T Garlic Powder (I used fresh finely minced garlic for this)
Well mixed!

Mix grated zuchinni, egg, italian seasoning and garlic in large bowl. Slowly mix in flour until well blended - you don't want any dry spots/lumps. Heat olive oil in pan on medium. sautee until golden brown. serve with favorite dip (Tzatziki & Ranch are a fave of mine).

cooking in EVOO!

Has anyone else tried making these? If so, did you change the recipe? Let me know!

A Little Update...

Frog Legs and I have been super busy the past month getting things packed and moving that it feels as if everything else was put on the back burner in order to get it done. You never know how much you own until you have to pack it all up. And, we have had a lot. We did downsize and donated a lot of items that we could. We were so fortunate to have so many wonderful friends and family to assist us during our BIG move day. I cannot thank each one of them enough.
I am so excited to share with you guys some of the mini projects that I have been working on as well as letterboxing photos that we have done.

Stay Tuned!!