Tuesday, October 8, 2013

New Jewlery for Sale

Okay Guys and Gals, I have some stellar news for everyone. I am starting the process of getting all my jewelry ready to go for sale. So, if you are interested in purchasing some items, stay tuned for the deets.

Just to give you a brief history, I have been a big hands-on person since I was a child. I was the kid that wanted the crafting kits, and I was so fortunate to have various family members purchase me DIY kits for all kinds of projects. As I grew older, and my tastes changed, I started getting more into jewelry. My mantra has always been, why pay so much for a beautiful piece at the store when I can easily make it myself. As a teenager, a budget is essential to ensure you can do what you want and get things you like as well. Thus, the budget fashionista inside me was created. Since then, I have been making jewerly and other pieces for my friends until one finally suggested that I take my hobby and talents and sell them. And, after much trial and tribulation, I am finally able to start bringing my passions to life to share with everyone. I hope you enjoy my pieces and I look forward to making more items for everyone.

The Thrifted Owl