Monday, March 26, 2012

DIY: Hemp Necklace

I have always preferred to making my own items as opposed to purchasing them. Case in point - hemp necklaces. I always wanted one as a kid but I would never buy one. I always thought it would be better to make them. Now, I am 100% sure that anyone can pick up this easy craft. They make great gifts and are not that expensive to make. I picked up the Hemp cording at a local craft store and Frog Legs (since I was making this for him as an early birthday gift) picked out his own necklace charm he wanted. All I had to do was make the basic flat knot.  And after about 20 minutes, he had a necklace. Super easy and super fun.
All Finished!!!
Note: you will need to wash it a few times- to remove the natural smell from the Hemp cording. This is natural. After about 3-4 washes, you should not notice a scent. Best to wash the necklace in the shower, if possible.