Monday, April 23, 2012

400 Calorie Meals

400 Calorie Fix
Frog Legs and I had taken a trip to B&N a few weeks ago and figured out that, with joining a gym, we needed to get our diet a bit more manageable, in order to lose weight more effectively. Then we met The 400 Calorie Fix book. It really has been a great read to find out interesting facts about our favorite foods and what is really 'healthy' for you. We are trying to cut these bad habits of ours (mine is snacking and Frog Legs loves Fast Food) and thus we are going to try out a few meals from this book.

Slow Cooker Stuffed Peppers
I have been dying to get more action out of my slow cooker (or crock pot as most of us call them) and this recipe was a perfect start. I had all the ingredients, and these time savers for clean up, I was ready to go.
A little preprep of ingredients while the meat and starch cooks. **You will not need to cook the peppers, they will cook on their own in the slow cooker.
Fill the slow cooker with your stuffed peppers and liquids...and top with pepper top (Cut off earlier). Cook for 4 hours. Serve.

These were pretty good. I really wished there was a lot more seasoning than they had in the recipe. Frog Legs love his hot sauce, so he added that to his. I need more spice. Next time, I think I will be adding additional flavors to add to this dish. Overall, not a bad treat.