Monday, April 23, 2012

Earth Day Activities

I knew for Earth Day this year (Sunday, April 22nd) I wanted to incorporate something into my routine that would be environmentally friendly. I figured what better way than to get some pretty foliage for my home (more than I already have).
My first stop was at the Garden department of my local Lowe's this past Saturday. I had to make sure to incorporate plants that were not only hearty but also did not mind afternoon sun. Unfortuantely, our new spot in our complex has afternoon sun (2PM and later) so we had to be a bit more picky about the plants we choose this year. I was so proud of all of the beautiful plants and how great they turned out. They really do look amazing on my porch.

Pretty Blues....

Reds and Whites....

Orange and Yellow..

I felt so much better to have some pretty flowers to add to my porch. But, I also purchased these really pretty strawberry plants. I cannot wait to try out our first batch of strawberries!!

Strawberry Plant
He decided he wanted to have some plants in the house as well. So, he decided to buy some succulents/cactus/aloe plants. They are relatively easy to maintain (very little water) and just enjoy the warmer weather. Unfortunately, it rained all weekend, so our plants did not get to enjoy the windowsil and warm rays this weekend.
Desert Plants....
I feel so accomplished to bring some additional green to my already growing garden. What do you think? Did you love the greenery? Any sugguestions as to what plants I may get for afternoon sun (2P and onward) for my porch?

Stay Tuned for more Earth Day activities we did this weekend!!