Monday, October 17, 2011


I must admit, I had never heard of Letterboxing until the boyfriend had mentioned possibly trying it out. “What is Letterboxing?” I said in the car one day. He explained it best by saying it is a treasure hunt during a nature walk. Okay. Sure. So, I did my research and came across this amazing website of places in our area we could try to find these ‘Letterboxes’.  To my surprise, our first Letterboxing trip went rather smoothly. We found our first Letterbox at a local park.
Found our first Letterbox!
This past weekend, after some searching on the site we had previously been to, we figured we might want to consider searching yet again for another box. So, off we went to our selected location, a local library, and found our next letterbox. This one was way too easy.
Found it!
One of the reasons I really enjoy Letterboxing is it is super easy and cheap to do - it does not cost anything but the gas you use to get to your location and the stamp you purchase. We purchased our stamp (called "Birds of a Feather") on sale at Michael's for a mere 2 bucks (on sale plus coupon, and we got the stamp pad free). Lucky find!

Eventually we are going to place our own Letterbox for finding, but until then, we just enjoy this easy outing. The closer to chillier weather we get, the more exciting these finds become. If you have never tried Letterboxing, go to the site I did and do your research. You may find you enjoy it just as much. And, for those of you out there who have families, this is a kid-friendly idea. Happy Letterboxing!