Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Budget-Friendly Gifts

This time of year seems to be hard on the almighty dollar. I find gifts are becoming more expensive each year. I find the most important and most appreciated gifts are ones where the recipient feels this gift was made just for them. I tend to pick out one thing the person I am buying for really loves. For example, I love owls, so for me, I would pick out something that has an owl associated with the gift. Like this Woodland Owl Necklace or try my hand at making a cute Owl Brooch like this one found on Etsy. Tap into what they like, collect or appreciate and go from there. You can find any type of gift for a collector, just a bit of searching is all you need.
For the group gift, like co-workers, where you need to make a lot but have to pinch pennies, try a bulk gift, like Snowman Soup or DIY art on dollar store mugs for the creative artists out there. If you are more into giving a gift that would fill a belly (or an easy, fun treat for a holiday party), try making Girl Scout Cookie Samoas Bark, Santa Bread, or Golden Grahams S'mores Bars. I find that baked goods always end up being a great gift overall for those hard to pick for. Just a word of caution - some people have food allergies and you might want consider that before making a yummy treat they cannot enjoy.
Some of my favorite DIY gifts are the Reindeer Guiness, DIY Frosted Glasses, and DIY Ornament. All easy to make and super cheap to do and all great ideas for those on your list.

Remember, some of the best gifts are those straight from the heart. Happy Holidays & Happy Gifting!