Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Jewlery Kits & Christmas Gifts

The holidays are proving to be quite a busy time of year for the both of us. We are leaving shortly to pay a visit to Frog Legs' family for the holidays,  but before we go, we have been busy making and shopping for gifts. This is a great time of year to be crafty. All over the place, we have seen great DIY ideas for home decor, gifts and other decorations. And, we are excited to try our hand at it as well.
I decided first hand that I wanted to try my hand at making jewlery. I figured it was a good project to learn a vast amount of skills and still be able to make some pretty amazing gifts. I went to a local craft store and picked up this amazing kit. I will be sure to post photos soon of the finished projects. Let's just say, they are not so bad once you get a bit of practice in.
Meanwhile, Frog Legs has been busy with his hand at crocheting and knitting. He wants to make some awesome scarves for his family. They look similar to this pattern - however, he is trying to make them a lot bulkier, considering his family lives where it is quite cold.