Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Budget Last Minute Valentine's Day Gifts

It's the day before the big Valentine's Day Gift Exchange and for you lovers out there (who are on a budget), without a clue as to what to get that someone special on your list, I am here to help!

For Your Gal Pals:
Have an office BFF that is there for you when the boss just does not understand? Take this cute baby girl shower gift idea and turn it into one for her. Snag up a great pink or red polish and use a DIY tag for her. She will appreciate the gesture and the expense will be the polish!

For The Kids/Classmates:
Maybe you have kids that want to make their own valentine's favors for the kids in their class? Why not do a similar idea like blogger A Small Snippet and give these cute Pop Rocks goodies. I'm sure you will rock when you give one of these out! The best part is that these candies (or any other candy subsitute can be purchased in bulk!)
For the Guy's Guy:
Most guys like their signature beverage of choice. Some guys like beer. Some like Whiskey. Some just don't care. Why not grab a few of these mini-bottles at the store and fill a valentine's day heart with his favorite minis! Bonus: If you want to personalize each bottle, use personalized labels for each bottle.
For the Cheesy Romantic:
We all know someone who just loves being in love. Why not make them this simple easy card using cardstock, colored paper and a match book. Cheap. Fun. Priceless.

Well, my candy-loving, heart-drawing, budget romantics, I hope you have found a great budget gifts for that special someone on your list!