Wednesday, November 16, 2011

New Family Member

Sir Bruce
I am so excited to announce the newest member of our guinea pig clan. His name is Sir Bruce. He is a recently adoption (an early birthday gift for me, if you will) from a local pet store. He comes with a sad back story. He was born with a really bad ear infection in his right ear that left his head permenantly tilted to the right. His owners were no longer able to care for him so they brought him to the pet store in hopes that someone else may care for him. The pet store took Sir Bruce in, cleaned him up, gave him a new haircut (he was apparently matted up very badly) and with a new home, placed him out for adoption.
My heart always goes out to those animals that were harmed/mistreated in any way. And, the boyfriend is no different. Knowing how many families of young children that will probably overlook this beautiful 8 month old pig for a younger pig without his special traits, we quickly adopted Sir Bruce and brought him home. Already he is showing so much improvement. With a new home purchased for him to sleep inside and a better bowl (so he can eat easier as a result of his head tilt), he quickly adjusted to his new home with happy squeaks as he ran around his new cage marathon-style.
Welcome to the family, Sir Bruce!