Thursday, November 3, 2011

Double Letterboxing

I told you guys in my first Letterboxing post how excited I was to discover a new and free way to not only visit areas of my city I had not ventured off to but to also be more active in the chillier months. This time we decided that we would try TWO letterboxing adventures to see if we could do it. Why not, right? So, we found our next two clues (to two parks we had yet to ever visit) and off we went.

Our first trek took us to a park the boyfriend had closely ventured to, but was not even aware it was in the area. How exciting to find a new amazing park. We were thrilled to know this adventure of letterboxing included a beautiful trail walk. Along our walk, we found our first letterbox of the day!
Hiding under a fallen tree!
I was excited since I was the one to find the box this time. We like to take turns finding the boxes and leading the way. We both enjoy the chase of the boxes and it is so much fun to 'discover' a hidden secret.  We were upset to not find a stamp in their box (maybe someone had taken it?) but we left our notepad with our stamp and note so they knew we had stopped by.
Our second adventure of the day was a bit harder to find. We apparently had bad directions thanks to the boyfriends GPS on his phone, so we ended up about 5 miles away from where our next letterbox was located. After being pointed in the right direction by some locals that apparently went to this second park, we found our staring point and began our next journey. We went on a rather short walk this time, compared to some of our other hikes and found our box not too far from the tennis courts in this local park.
He found it hiding under some thorned vines and a tree stump!
This one was a bit harder to get to. The prickly vines cut my hands up so I had the boyfriend grab this box. My hero!! It was exciting to find this one since it was so far off the beaten path. This one we would mark is very EASY to find.
I will say, you can do more than one letterboxing adventure in a day, if you wanted to. I think from now on, we will just save our adventures to one letterboxing at a time.
So, for those of you that letterbox out there, Happy Hunting!!

Bacon Strips  & Frog Legs!