Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A Quick Letterboxing Adventure

Two weekends ago, Frog Legs and I celebrated 1 year together. And to share in our wonderful times, we decided another Letterboxing adventure was in order. So off we went, with directions in hand to a new location for a letterbox. We started out at a small park not too far from where I work. I was amazed that the clues included some easily marked spots - like this tree, for example.
Hello Red Oak!
Luckily, since it was super cold out that day, we found our letterbox pretty fast. I must say I am rather impressed with Mr. Frog Legs himself for finding this little gem.
Found their book...with a mini gift inside!
Adding our stamp!
It was a fun day and a wonderful way to celebrate one year - on yet another one of our many exciting adventures.
Until next time, my friends, Happy Letterboxing!!