Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Pantry: Organization & Lunch Detail

Typically, I am the more organized person in our home. Mr. Frog Legs, being a busy teacher, does not always seem to find organization at the top of his priority list. I have found myself a bit puzzled on way to revamp my organization to work a bit more effectively. That is, until I found some inspiration to guide me. 
Found at IHeartOrganization

I was happy to find this little tidbit of inspriation. It was an easy task to complete. All I needed was a small tub (already purched for $1 at the Dollar Store, snack & sandwich bags and snacks. I really like the fact that I can easily grab each item quickly during the morning rush to pack our lunches. Super easy!! And what is a lunch without your favorite lunch tote. Here is my new one!! It's the small things that excite me.
Anyway, there are a few more ideas I am considering tackling, like this, this, and this. However, I am already off to a good start.