Friday, August 10, 2012

Friday Inspiration: DIY Project Love

This Friday, my friends, I am feeling very inspired by all the wonderful new DIY projects I have stumbled across. For a few beans, you can make some really amazing gems. Here are a few of my favorite.
Via What Hopes and Dreams are Made of
What a super fun DIY idea, either for a newlywed couple or for yourself and special someone. It is super easy...just a few markers, cheap mugs and an oven. And you have the cutest gift...that you don't have to spend $30 on!
Via West Elm
I really love this ottoman, but why go to a big ticket store and spend $400, when you can DIY. All you need is a wooden pallet (free if you find one), filler foam, table legs, chevron fabric and a staple gun.
Via Something Like That 
How super cute is this throw pillow?? All this DIY'er used is polyester fiberfill, a seam ripper and a placemat from Target for $3. I really love the design and the color. What a super cool idea. Most pillows can cost about $20-$30, so this is a steal!
Via CrafyNest
I am a HUGE fan of these adorable lanterns. With just a few items, you can transform a plain paper lantern into a masterpiece. How adorable would these be in a nursery or reading nook? Just a bit of whimsy fun in your home.

Have you found any DIY projects you just absolutely adore? What are you working on? I always love to see how other people transform items. Show me your best DIY project.