Wednesday, September 26, 2012

My Week In Pictures

I am so in love with these delicious pretzel chips, and this yummy garlic/herb spreadable creamy cheese. Perfect snack, yes! Horrible breath, absolutely!
Scored two great finds at my local Goodwill. A very cute dress (perfect for a pair of leggins in the fall) and a cashmere sweater! I might have had a thing for the color Gray that day.
I am loving my ever-growing collection of huge rings. They are totally fun and perfect to add a bit of fun to any outfit.
I love the fact that my guinea pig loves to snuggle in my laundry. I had him with me as I was getting the laundry together for washing and he fell in love with this warm towel- snuggled right on in and proceeded to take a nap. Not enough words can tell you how much he makes me smile!
Yoga Pants: TJ Maxx, Yellow Shirt: Old Navy, Top: C9 via Target
How fun is it to not only change your normal wardrobe but your gym clothes too. Fall is right around the corner and simply going to the gym in the evening when it's chilly proves that maybe another layer is needed.

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