Friday, May 18, 2012

Friday Inspiration

Happy Friday Everyone!!! For this Friday's inspiration, there was just too many wonderful things to share to just have one category. So, for this Friday, my friends, I am sharing with you a few different bits of inspiration. Enjoy!!

Fashion: I am digging the pastel jeans with an oxford top and statement bag. Eva Longoria channeled this look on-point with her heels and aviators. Great outfit for casual friday at work or running errands on the weekend.
From People StyleWatch
For The Home: Coffee Table styling seems to be the new "IN" thing to do to the home that seems to bring a bit of "pop" to the living room so guests can find your personal style. You can find so many styles for inspiration (like here, here and here). Regardless of what your style is, show it with books and key pieces that remind you of your own personal style.
From Blogger The Glitter Guide
For The Kind Friend: I am a big fan of gift-giving. I love to find an occassion to give something personal and fun to someone. Summer is approaching and school will be out soon for some and for others, it means the start of vacation season. It is always nice to leave a gift for someone watching the family pet/home while you are away or a nice gift to a teacher for such a great experience your child had. Either way, I am sure you can find a reason to give something home-made for a friend/coworker/kind fellow on your list.

From Blogger Darling Doodles
For Fun: I am a HUGE believer in going out there and trying out something new for fun. You may find a project you figured was hard really is pretty simple. Or what about that recipe you have been dying to make. Take the time to do something to expand yourself. You will never know what you will learn unless you try it out!

From Blogger Little Bit Funky
Enjoy the weekend everyone! :)