Friday, May 11, 2012


Headphones & My Tablet
I am a big fan of taking photos - something about breathing life into a moment and making it last a lifetime with a memory attached. well, that just makes my heart skip a beat. Kiddos, let me introduce you to Instagram. Where even a crummy photographer, such as myself, can even look like a well-developed artist of the flash. All you do is download the app (phone, tablet, etc.) and then when you take a photo, you can upload it and then, with the magic of the photo filters, create an even more awesome photo. Have you tried this out yet?? I just got on it a couple of weeks ago and I love it. Just to show you a few of my fun photos (I took these with random items in my purse).

Owl Wallet

Pen & Paper

Make-up bag & Nail Kit
What do you think? Instant artist!! If you are interested in creating your own account, go and download the app yourself...then, you can follow me!! Find me at BaconNEggs.

Enjoy kiddos!!