Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Book Review: Eat This - Not That

The man and I have agreed to take a more proactive approach to getting a lot more healthier for the 2012 year. We agreed on New Years that one of our resolutions was to become more healthier individuals - and we agreed to do it together. In doing so, our first step was to find a gym. After researching a few gyms in our area, we finally found one.

However, the man still felt that hitting the gym was not enough. So, after much struggling on his part, he caved in and decided to try changing his diet. If you know him well enough, you will know there are certain foods he has a hard time parting with. Our first healthy book purchase ( 400 Calorie Meals) helped us get a newer mindset on how many calories we really do take in daily as well as each meal. Needless to say, we felt we needed something additional to help guide us to better products that we buy daily (between yogurt, eggs, cheeses, etc.) so we make better choices at the grocery store. That is when I stumbled across the Eat This - Not That book. After reading a few good review on it, I decided to go to our local bookstore and pick it up.
Eat This Not That: Supermarket Survival Guide by David Zinczenko
I was really impressed with the overall book. I am a very visual person and to explain with a lot a words sometimes just does not really have it settle in. This book shows actual products that you love and alternatives that are just a great and better for you. Now, the book does not suggest buying these specific products (like ice cream) but it merely suggests if you are going to buy the product, buy the one that is better for you. The decision to purchase the product is all on your choices.
I will say I was very impressed with the large amount of organic products in the book. As someone who has allergies to certain processing ingredients (High-Fructose Corn Syrup), it is nice to find a lot of great organic products that do not cost an arm and a leg to purchase. I am also impressed with the section that goes into great detail about product taste tests (taking your favorite staples - ketcup, PB, etc.) and comparing it with other store's brands (walmart, kroger, safeway, etc.). The overall scoring is based on taste, not price or product name. It is interesting to see where some mainstream products failed in taste comparison to store brands.