Thursday, May 17, 2012

A Few of My NEW Favorite Things

I always like finding something new that I just fall for. Something unexpected, but yet very cool. I went to my favorite store, Tarjay and found these super cute Gold Leaves Drop Earrings from their new The Webster at Target collection. I had spotted them in my May 2012 issue of People Style Watch (under Bohemian Chic article) and knew I wanted them. And, yes, those fantastic baubles were $15.

From Blogger In The Know

And some inspiration - found at Hobby Lobby - that inspired me (the luck bracelet) to make a new bracelet. As soon as I went home, I dashed to my jewelry tool box and got to work. I have to say how proud I am of this bracelet- as this is a new project for me. I had frog legs pick up the coordinating stones to accent my charms. I really am proud of this project. I picked out charms that would have some sort of meaning between Frog Legs and I.

I absolutely love creating new things - and this bracelet is no exception. I loved the blue accented stones that bring the "pop" factor to the charms.

While I was picking up the charms, I found the cutest owl (and if you know me, you know I LOVE love love owls) so I could not resist picking him up. And, since I had leftover blue accent jewels, I created a necklace to go with my new bracelet. I am excited to be wearing it to work today.  He was super easy to make (5 leftover blue jewels, 1 pearl, 4 silver accents, spare link from my bracelet, and a small chain from another project). I call him "owl in the moonlight".

So, do you have any new things you love?