Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Gift Ideas: Food & Wine Lover

Christmas is the perfect time to give that person on your list something they will enjoy for the years to come. I have found that a great deal of my friends on my lists love food and wine - something I am so glad we share. For the food and wine enthuasists on my list, I find giving them something a bit unique, all in my price range.

  • I have found that I really dislike opening wine bottles- sometimes I believe it is because of our wine opener. This cute gadget opens your wine for you - and even comes with a chiller to keep your chilled wines cold -without having to run to the fridge.
  • Comfort Food. Who doesn't love that? Perfect for fall and winter cooking, this book provides new and delicious recipes for anyone on your list looking to expand their tastebuds on a new meal.
  • Tipsy wine glasses. Aren't they fun? I would pick these up for myself- but alas I have a ton of wine glasses. This set of two would be perfect for any couple or newlyweds on your list. They may already have stemware, but these are unique and will be the talk of any dinner party.
  • The set of mixing bowls proves to be a great addition to any kitchen. I find myself always in need of an extra bowl when I am baking or cooking one of my new pinterest creations. This set of three even has a pour spout on the side, that makes tranisitoning of the material inside smooth and clean.
  • Pier1 has some of the best kitchen gadgets around. But, this simple pair of salad servers not only make for an easy gifting choice, but they also make great hostess gift as well. And, for anyone that entertains, these bring a simple addition to the salad bowl.
  • I love fun items- and this cute cheese knife is the perfect paring with a block of cheese and my favorite wine. Add the element of fun and snag this cute guy up for your next party.
I hope these help you on your search for the perfect gift this holiday season. Good Luck and Happy Hunting this holiday!