Thursday, December 6, 2012

Gift Ideas: Fun and Whimsical

I really love giving a funny gift- the kind that makes people laugh just opening them. Those are the best kind. I love getting these myself - but if you have a jokester on your list, this may be exactly what they want.

Mustache Magnets. Who doesn't think these are funny? I would love to put these on my fridge over top a lof of pictures I already have posted up. They would bring an element of fun.
I love that cute kitchen timer. Nesting dolls are a big christmas element but these are great to add to any kitchen for that element of fun. No one would suspect the nesting doll of being a kitchen timer.
Golf Club pens. I know a ton of golfers on my list and they would absolutely love to see these under their tree on in their stockings. Perfect for that golfer on the go.
These ninja nesting dolls are super fun for most guys on your list. They are not like the traditional nesting dolls, which brings that bit of whimsical fun to them.
Pac-Man cookie cutters. I would love getting a batch of cookies made out of my favorite arcade game friends. Yummy!
I bet you do not know anyone that has a coffee mug with a cookie holder, do you? I know I personally love a fresh cup of coffee with a glazed doughnut in the morning- and this would be perfect on my desk! Maybe one of my coworkers may want this one.

For that jokester or friend on your list with that extra funny funnybone, selecting a gift with a bit of humor on the side makes for the perfect gift on their list! Happy Holidays!