Friday, December 7, 2012

Gift Ideas: Fun Co-Workers

You  tend to see your coworkers for most of the day-  you share jokes and laughs and they help the work day go a lot smoother. With these gift ideas, let their days get a bit brighter behind the desk with some fun accessories.
  • The Buddha pen holder is a great and fun addition to anyone's desk. We can all misplace pens, but Buddha can help anyone find a pen when in need.
  • This USB Tulip hub is great for the person in the office that always has the one-up on the next new electronic. They even bring them into the office to share and show off. This will help them in their day-to-day connections.
  • Who doesn't need a great organizer for their desk? This desk organizer dog will help keep every desk essential in one easy location - with the ease of access.
  • For those great guys on your list that need a break from the stresses of the day, why not get them a mini pool table for those lunch time breaks when they cannot always leave the office!
  • Jonathan Adler has done it again! Bring this little eraser as a gift, and you can be sure the mistakes made on reports and projects will be to a minimum.
  • This fun pear-shaped note pad will offer not only the easiest way to send a note to a co-worker but it also changes up things from the normal yellow post-it. Snag this up for the admin in your office and you can be sure she signs every note with a smile!

Well, after all these great gift ideas, you can be sure the office will be a bit cheerful, if for only one day. Happy Holidays and Happy Hunting!