Wednesday, October 10, 2012

My Week in Pictures

Kitchen Goodies
I was so happy to find a cute jar at TJMaxx for my sugar and these adorable egg crate holders for my eggs in the fridge on clearance at Target!
Photobooth Project DONE!
I was thrilled to finally have finished my long-awaited Photobooth Project I have been working on. One of my favorite things when we go to the movies is grab $3 and head to the photo booth. Each time we try and snap one - and lately I have been collecting "props" for our trips to the booths- our last one (far left) shows off some new items!
Target Clearance = budgetlove!
I am always happy when I go shopping at target - but even more so when I snag some great finds. Like my new watch, orange kitchen apron and letterboxing/scrapbooking goodies! And, I even walked out spending less than $20!
Hello Sassy!
One of my bestest of friends, Tamara, and I never get to see one another that often anymore. Luckly, she was game for snagging a few items from me as I was cleaning out my closets a couple of weekends ago. And, we ended up at dinner at Cracker Barrel - and she snapped this photo of me! Not abnormal for us going around being crazy bff's!
He is on the front page!!
I was a super proud girlfriend this past monday as I saw my boyfriend on the front cover of one of our local newspapers. I am always proud of him and any accomplishment - but this one is just him doing something he loves and getting recognized for it. Congrats Toby, I am so very proud!!
I have a new love. Iced Coffee. Now, the canned version (spotted here) isn't nearly as amazing as the fresh version, but I was not about to complain when the boyfriend brought one home to me! Delicious!

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