Thursday, October 25, 2012

Creating our First Letterbox

Since we have been letterboxing a little over a year now, we decided it would be best to finally create one of our own and plant the box in our area. The great thing about letterboxing is that you can create your box and make it your own - even without spending a lot of money.
Via my Instagram
For our letterbox, we chose a cheap tupperware container from the dollar store that would not only seal well but was small enough to be hidden easily- we are going to place it in a large sealable ziploc bag just incase when we go to plant it. The stickers on our letterbox are from a scrapbooking set - since we had that, it was FREE. For our stamp, ink and notepad, we choose items from Michael's (each for $1). Total box cost = $4.

I am excited that this weekend we are going to hide our letterbox. If you are in the area, you can find it by going to Atlas Quest - and searching for us (our username: FrogLegsAndBaconStrips). Once we have planted our box, we will post it on the site. If you are new to letterboxing and want to find out more information on letterboxing and to see if any boxes are planted in your area, visit LbNA for more.

**Side note: This is a great hobby that the whole family can enjoy. I know quite a few families that participate in this on their weekends and vacations.