Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Easy and Cheap DIY Christmas Gifts

For those who are feeling the holiday pinch, there are so many great DIY gifts that would be pefect for most people on your list this holiday season.

One of the easiest (and cheapest) gifts I have found is this super easy lipgloss. All you need is vaseline and lipstick/pink lemonade mix.

What about something a bit more simple - non gender specific? I found these super cute thrifted glassware candles DIY and knew that was too easy and simple to not make. Depending on the type of glassware you use, you can make this easily for any guy on your list. Just hop on over to your local Goodwill store and snag some glassware - that is, if you do not have any spare around the house. Just get some wicks and candle wax and next thing you know, you have a super cute candle. *Note: add a few essential oils for a light scent*.

What about something everyone likes - homemade goodies?? Well, these are super easy to do. Just find some cheap dollar store tins, a bit of spray paint and fill each of these tins with your own homemade sweets. Cannot find your own, follow me on pinterest and I have a ton on my Foodie board.
What about that grill guy on your list who is going through withdrawls from not being able to grill out in this chillier season? Why not give him a goodie basket with some grill themed items. Easily found at a variety of stores, you can add BBQ Sauce, Rubs, Tongs, Themometer, etc. to fill his grilling needs. (These also make great Father's Day gifts too!)
Some of my favorite gifts are ones that are personalized yet simple. What about a pampering in a jar for those on your list that like to ensure they look their best year-round. This can easily be personalized for age or gender. For men, you can add mini colognes, manicure sets, and small body washes and hair gels. For little girls, add some sparkly press-on nails, hello kitty socks, small nail polishes, etc. for them.
Remember, that any gift can be pefect- no matter the amount of money spent on it. Just make sure it comes from the heart. Happy Holidays!