Tuesday, November 20, 2012

My Week In Photos

Took some time this past week to create one of my Pinterest recipes I have been dying to make. Does it not look delicious? That is the garbage plate bread and it was amazing.
The boyfriend and I decided to have a movie date this past weekend. We went to see Argo. Not a typical movie for us, but it was not bad. And, of course we celebrated our date with a photobooth photo!
Target Samples as you know are so few and far between, but once the internet is a-buzz with notifying people of it, most flock to get their own. Well, I got lucky this time and was able to snag some of the goodies in this sample pack (with coupons).
In the words of Rachel Ray, YUM-O! These super easy chocolate crescents are the perfect dessert treat on a dime. And the recipe is super easy.
I love owls. I snagged this new friend up at the stocking stuffer section of Target. Since my piggie one broke, he has made a fine new addition to my keys!