Thursday, November 8, 2012

30 Days of Gratitude: 1-7

As I told you guys here, I started the 30 Days of Gratitude Challenge for Instagram. And I am so excited to share with you my first seven!
Day 1: WORDS - Being thankfuly for living in a country where I have the right to pursue my own happiness; where my choices matter and where I am not persecuted for being born a woman or for having a voice.
Day 2: TECHNOLOGY- I am so thankful for the opportunity to live in a country where I am immersed in new technology and able to use it in my daily life- something so many people in our world will never experience. And, above all, for the ability to work from home, thanks to this technology.

Day 3: NATURE - I am so thankful to live in a state that provides such beauty all year long. And, most of all I am thankful that my birthday falls along the same time of year as the transition of such vivid colors all around me.
Day 4: CLOTHING- Of course we are all happy to have clothing, but how many of us are thankful for having it? I think to all those places where people do with so very little and it makes me appreciate what I have even more - and the opportunity to live in a place so blessed financially compared to others that I can have more than just a few articles to myself.
Day 5: KNOWLEDGE- How many of us actually sit down to read a book? I know I do not give myself enough time to sit and have that moment to myself. I am so thankful for the ability to read when so many cannot and to be so fortunate to have read so many novels in my time - so much so that only two bookshelves cannot compare to a lifetime of reading that I have already done and have yet to do.
Day 6: MEMORIES- I am sure we can all say that even if our childhood was not perfect, there were some perfect moments in there. Some of my best memories are shared with my dad when I was very little. It was a time where my dad was my hero- he was who I looked up to, admired, and wanted nothing more than to help out and be there whenever I could. Growing up in a world where neither parent was ever seen together shapes you, but those proud few moments of bliss I had I will surely appreciate.

Day 7: INNOVATION: This one I admittedly struggled with for a bit. That is, until I thought of all the innovations we have today that make life a bit easier. Like, fire starter logs for example. My camping fire skills are level expert at this point from all the camping excursions I have gone on. However, my fireplace skills at home are quite lackluster. Thankfully, due to those great logs I can stay warm all winter inside!