Friday, November 2, 2012

My Week in Photos

Always being goofy with my friends is what brings me out of my work funk. This is my friend Trey and he just found out that his cancerous cells had not spread. It was time to celebrate! I have to think one of my BFF's - Becky (his g/f) that aided me in making such a hilarious photo!
A truly last minute road trip to Kentucky proved to be exactly the right amount of relaxation in the shortest time possible. Thankful for the warm fireplace.
Thanks to an amazing Pinterest recipe, I was able to put my chicken roaster to use in my crockpot for one amazingly awesome meal.
Between the possible arrival of Hurricane Sandy to Halloween, there were many reasons to grab some delicious goodies from Dunkin Donuts!
I just love embarassing my animals and now Max knows it. Honestly, I think this made an excellent halloween costume for him. I don't even recognize him!

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