Saturday, November 10, 2012

Planting Out First Letterbox

I have hinted at you guys that were were going to plant our first letterbox - only to have Hurricane Sandy interrupt our plans. However, without further ado, we did plant our first and SECOND letterbox today!!

We decided that like before, we were going to make and easy (for beginners), medium (for more experienced letterboxers) and expert (for those who have done a lot of letterboxing) boxes. And, thanfully we were able to complete all of our boxes!! So, we have posted the clues on Atlas Quest for those of you who are members (we are FrogLegsAndBaconStrips if you join). However, if you do not have an account with them, do not fret. We are posting our clues here as well! **And, if you follow our blog and leave a comment, we will include for you some additional clues to assist you in your search.

Planting the First Letterbox!!
Starting Location: Clover Hill Library (Midlothian,VA)
Level: Easy/Beginner
Family-Friendly location/box

Starting at the castle of knowledge and the cedars of three- where the curve of learning is where you will begin.Your journey will take you to the island of the sisters of the sun. Travel to the parcel post and in 10 steps, follow the row of timbers to your left. They will guide you on the path of wonder. If your adventure takes you to the Holly Trees, you have ventured too far, my traveling friend, and must turn back a few spaces. Bear right into the woods of Old and New. As your travel continues, you will have to make a choice - to steer from knowledge or to face it - as the bright light bulb beams at you. Take the path that is well lit and in 17 spaces, you will find your buried treasure closer to the castle of knowledge. 10 spaces closer to the treasure, where the squirrel use to call home, there lies your awaited prize. Find the book of creation and place your mark of life.

Planting our second box!
Starting Location: Mid-lothian Mines Park (Midlothian, VA)
Level: Medium/Moderate, Semi-Easy
Family Friends for older ages, will go off the "beaten" path

**(Starting at the parking lot across the street from the main part of the park/pond)

One can not traverse this course riding upon a noble horse.
Tightly packed on the ground together, your starting numbers will last forever.
5591 is where your story has begun.
Venture forth through timbers deep where wood and water roll under feet.
Only the brave shall risk the cave that lead them to the river paved.
Steadfast heroes, climb hills on high where the "T" path of choosing doth lie.
Southward, onward, valiant knight, your heart's desire is within your sight!
Fortune find you in this fight, trolls guard your treasure with delight.

Good Luck and Happy Hunting!