Tuesday, January 29, 2013

DIY Jewelry Shadowbox

I have been fascinated with shadowboxes for awhile now. I have always love the various styles and designs so many people have done to create a scene for display. Between the ones that are interchangable as the decor in your living room to the ones that are a permenant display of a vacation or momentos, they have always made me want to make my own.

I was lucky to snag up a very large shadowbox at Michael's for $1.49 on clearance and I have been brainstorming like crazy to come with a great idea to put it to use. Now, I can finally share with you guys what I did with it!

I have been eye-ing this super cute jewelry display from Home Goods for a bit now, without buying it. I am one of those shoppers who goes "I could make that" and ultimately does not buy the item because I want to make it myself. And, I did.

For my display, I added some scrapbook paper I already had to the back for a fun design and used push pins I had in my sewing kit to hold the jewelry in place. The shadowbox already has a foam back so it was super easy to add in the push pins to hold my necklaces. So, instead of paying $15 for a jewelry display at Home Goods, I made my own for $1.49 for the shadowbox (since I allready had the other items on hand).

Here is the shadowbox - hung above my already full jewerly box. I think it turned out amazing - and much more stylish than the one from Home Goods.