Monday, January 14, 2013

Thrifty Weekend Finds

This past Saturday I did a bit of thrift shopping. I love thrifting- the idea of snagging up a little gem hiding just for you thrills me to no end. I love that my finds always fit in my budget and more often then not, I do not have to do any revamping to the item - clothing, furniture, etc. This weekend was no different.
I score a Sm Cordory American Eagle Jacket, Sm Red Target Raincoat. Two (other not pictured) BKE Jeans and a Coach handbag. What great finds and they all fit me so well. I cannot wait to share some upcoming photos with you all. Can you believe I got two jackets, two pairs of jeans and one handbag....all for $15!!! I was in heaven! It is amazing what you can snag up for under $20. Anyone can be stylish- it is knowing where to look. And these all make great staples for any closet. Happy Hunting!